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Packaging and Assembly

Industrial Services
Southern Tier Industries employees are trained to meet the production needs of today’s companies. We offer high-quality, full-service production services at a competitive price.
Whether it is hand assembly, packaging, sealing, or sorting, we guarantee that your project will receive immediate attention and fast turnaround. Our detailed procedures include careful inspection of incoming components and outgoing finished products.

Quality Control
When your business brings a project to STI, you can expect precise workmanship and a dedication to quality. Our work force, job coaches and supervisory staff make sure each project adheres to the highest industry standards. Quality service at a competitive price is a simple goal, but it is a goal we are proud to achieve.

Assembly Services
Hand Assembly / Mechanical Assembly / Labeling / Sorting / Hot-Melt Gluing

A wide range of products can be sorted, assembled, collated, and packed to your company's specifications. For example, we offer customized pick-and-pack grouping of product parts (large and small). This includes but is not limited to screws, washers, cable connectors, wires, containers (hinged and non-hinged), brackets, and more.

Packaging Services
Shrink-Wrapping / Heat Sealing / Poly-Bagging / Stapling

Shrink-wrap packaging protects the shrink-package product, and is used for making multi-packs. Shrink-wrap increases the shelf appeal of a product, and also facilities a secure way to transport multiple units. Southern Tier Industries (STI) performs the shrink-wrapping process by hand-counting, then arranging the desired quantities of the product together in a uniformed fashion. Then a closed plastic bag is formed around the product as it is subjected to heat within a heat tunnel. The plastic film literally shrinks tightly around the packaged products. A wide variety of items can be shrink-wrapped and ready for immediate distribution by your company. STI is often asked by clients for additional services that complement the shrink-wrap packaging, such as the inclusion of part kits and product instructions, and the adhering of product labels.

Testimonial from Jim Cortese, Arlington Industries' Customer Service Manager: 


"Southern Tier Industries has been doing work for our company for over 15 years.  I would highly recommend their work to any company who is in need of reducing labor costs.  I have found them to be, over the years, a well trained staff that is always dependable and striving for excellence."

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